The 10 Secrets to Saving Money When Moving Houses

Nearly every article or blog we come across related to a moving company, the very first paragraph scares you about how difficult, stressful, and time-consuming the overall process can be. Most of them focus on one problem –finding suitable movers or a real estate agent to help you with the moving or selling in case you are putting it up for sale.

This article, however, will tackle a different problem and that is of saving up when planning a move or selling a house.

From how to reduce real estate agent fees to how to get fixtures done for free, this covers it all.

  1. If you don’t want to hire external help from any removalist firm, start packing yourself.
    However, it is not going to be easy without one. For packing, purchase free, recycled or lightly used boxes for a fraction of price. The same goes for a real estate agent. If you are confident that you can succeed in selling it yourself prior the move, ditch getting one.
  2. No need to carry things that you won’t use in the new home such as an old washing machine or a worn-out furniture piece. It will only add to the cost of moving whether DIY-ing or working with a professional removalist company. For all such items either hold a yard sale prior moving or donate them. That way, you can even claim a tax deduct when the tax season begins.
  3. Purchase digital services such as phone, cable and cheap and reliable internet connection as a bundle. But do so after comparing the rates.
  4. When working with movers, also inquire about fixed prices and not an estimate. The additional charges often disguised as hidden fees then up the total costs, breaking your budget. The same case is with real estate agents. Always inquire about their fee upfront, so that you will have time to add that to your budget.
  5. Don’t hire additional labour to do the lifting and packing. Ask a few friends or family members to give you a helping hand. The same goes for hiring handymen to do some little fixtures in your new home. If they can easily be fixed by your dad or brother in law, why pay?
  6. Drive smaller items in your own vehicle if moving in a nearby neighbourhood.
  7. When packing, hide smaller items in bigger ones to minimize the packaging and moving costs.
  8. It is best that you move in winters, in the middle of the month or middle of the week as you are likely to get some discounted deals and multiple movers to choose from. Weekends are mostly booked.
  9. Get the measurements right the first time, if unsure, measure again. It is important to know that all your furniture you are moving will actually fit into your new house. If not, better sell it before the move.
  10. The same goes for appliances, check their age, their condition and size. Only pay for moving them if you are sure you will need them in your new home.
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