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    February 17th, 2003janeUncategorized

    As a quick search of our previous blogs will tell you, we love our Tivo. But, you can’t get them in the UK anymore – bah! Need To Know helpfully provided some information in Friday’s newsletter of a couple of build your own alternatives Freevo and MythTV. They look kind of interesting, and I guess we’ll investigate further if anything should happen to our Tivo.


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  1. already got one too obviously so not that important, but whyyyyyyyy can’t you get them here anymore?

  2. http://www.garysargent.co.uk/tivo/faq/tivosfuture.htm is a page about the future of Tivo in the UK. They say that it is because series 1 was just too expensive to produce and so wasn’t a good enough business model. That doesn’t explain why they aren’t building/selling Series 2 here though.

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