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    November 16th, 2009janeGeneral

    A few weeks ago we went to a Halloween party at the home of some dog-club friends of ours – their dog, Pebbles, and our dog, Skitters, play nicely together much of the time. Whilst we were there we discovered that one of them is a published author. In fact, he kindly lent me a copy of Game Night which I’m part way through and enjoying a lot.

    Game Night tells the story of six roleplaying gods, playing a very bad roleplaying game with the mortal world below

    I met him this morning whilst we were walking our respective hounds, and we were chatting about his day off today (he normally commutes into London so I only see him on his days off or at weekends). He told me he was planning to spend a lot of it publicising the release of his novel in episodic format on EN World and I asked him to send me the details, and I’d mention it in a blog post. So, here it is, the link to chapter one, a chapter where

    The story starts as our heroes reach an ancient structure that guards an equally ancient secret. What is the Gate? Who is the Gatekeeper? Will the adventurers ever stop killing him long enough for him to finish speaking his introductory text?

    And if after reading the first chapter you’re hungry for more and can’t wait for 25 more weeks, then you can always buy the paperback, or the PDF version. Any chance of an ePub version Jonny?

    Update: There is now a kindle version. Read more at Game Night on Kindle: It’s Here!


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    Thanks for that! And say hi to Skitters from Pebbles.


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