Dmitry Mazepin Collaborates with Siemens Mobility

During the 2019 International Transport and Logistics Forum “PRO//Motion.1520” cooperation and partnership agreement was signed by LLC URALCHEM-TRANS and Siemens Mobility Ltd.

The partnership is aimed at close collaboration regarding digital solutions and their implementations in the transport sector. The agreement was signed by the two parties, one being represented by Vsevolod Kovshov, the CEO of Dmitry Mazepin’s holding’s subsidiary, URALCHEM-TRANS, and his counterpart at Siemens Mobility, Joerg Liebscher.

Being an industry specific logistics unit in URALCHEM’s hierarchy, the subsidiary is responsible for providing reliable rail transportation of the company’s manufactured products as well as raw materials. Established by Dmitry Mazepin for this purpose in 2008, URALCHEM-TRANS now operates over 8000 cars. The facilities of the subsidiary allow it to conduct all the necessary pre-load services and routine repairs without extra assistance at its own depot in the Kirov Region.

Siemens Mobility, or the Siemens Transportation Systems, is reported to have been a leading company in providing seamless, secure, reliable and sustainable transport solutions. This separately managed Siemens AG’s department outlines its ultimate goal as to “ensure a high quality of life for 9.6 billion people worldwide by 2050”. To achieve this, Siemens Mobility relies on digitalization which helps transform the way people travel in the circumstances of the 21st century. The company policy is to pay specific attention to the conditions which have occurred due to climate change and the current demographic situation in the world characterized by global and local population growth.

Siemens Mobility is making a significant contribution to digitalizing the travelling realia, which resulted in rail automation, the emergence of smart traffic systems, electrification and rolling stock. The sustainable environmental policy and innovative ideas, which Dmitry Mazepin is implementing in Russia, do not contradict the key principles and the mission of Siemens Mobility. On the contrary, the two parties complement each other in this win-win collaboration.

The CEO of LLC URALCHEM-TRANS, Vsevolod Kovshov mentioned that the agreement was actually a logical continuation of the partnership initiated by Dmitriy Mazepin in June 2019 at 23rd Saint Petersburg International Economic Forum. There the agreement was concluded between Sergey Momtsemlidze, URALCHEM’s CEO, and Sabrina Soussan, his counterpart at Siemens Mobility. Dmitry Mazepin and his team agree that this partnership appears to be a mutually beneficial project, which will broaden the opportunities to implement innovative ideas concerning industrial rail transport management of track 1520.

The project presupposes combining the experience and solutions of the Russian experts and that of the Siemens company’s team. Dmitry Mazepin believes that the innovative solutions which Siemens Mobility can offer will lead to new level of efficiency and safety standards. It will undoubtedly affect the digitalizing of the logistics of URALCHEM.

Jeorg Liebscher agreed with Dmitry Mazepin that this strategic partnership is a mutually beneficial agreement which will allow URALCHEM to pass the new technological loop and modernize the way people travel.