5 Features of a Good Moving Company

Picking the right moving company can make all the difference when moving, especially if you’re going long-distance. If you choose an unreliable or slow company, your move could be delayed, damaged, or even lost—not to mention expensive!

So what should you look for in good moving companies? Here are five features that every reliable and responsible mover should have.

1.  Experience

You want to hire movers with years of experience so they know what they’re doing. This is especially important if you’re moving large pieces, like pianos or pool tables, that are difficult to move around on your own. You also want movers who will treat your belongings carefully because moving can be stressful enough without additional worry about whether or not something will get damaged.

2.  Price

While cost is important, don’t choose your moving company based on price. What might seem like a bargain now could cost you more in the long run if you end up with damages or an unreliable moving company. The best way to find out what services your chosen mover offers at what price is to ask for an estimate. Always get an estimate—never give them money without one!.

3.  Customer Service

Are they taking care of you and your furniture? Do they know what they’re doing? Customer service is everything when choosing a moving company, so dig into reviews and make sure your mover has all five-star ratings. Are they responsive to phone calls, emails, and social media comments? Do they have their business license posted on their website? If something goes wrong with your move, does it seem like these guys will do everything in their power to fix it for you as soon as possible (and without extra fees)? Are any hidden costs or fees involved with moving not listed on their website or contract? All you need is excellent customer care services.

4.  Insurance and Packing Materials

There’s no such thing as being too careful when it comes to moving. When selecting a mover, inquire whether they offer liability insurance for your belongings.

 Packing materials may also be included in your final cost—it doesn’t hurt to ask. Have all your packing materials delivered to your home several days before moving day. That way, you won’t have to rush out and scramble when you realize that you need several more rolls of bubble wrap. Keep in mind: Movers are not required by law to provide boxes, packing tape, or other supplies for free; consumers like yourself pay for those costs.

5.  References

You’ll want to ensure that any potential moving company is insured and has enough experience to complete your move safely. This means checking references from past customers or their websites. The best option is to get referrals from people you know who have recently moved. These are easily verified by calling previous customers for feedback about their moving experience, including whether they showed up on time, handled personal items with care, and finished before the estimated time. But if you don’t have friends who have recently moved to your area, check online reviews.