The Biggest Sports Events Of Our Year

There are some great moments which bring the family together every year. Christmas, birthdays and even graduations all manage to draw the whole family into one location and let us have an excuse for a party.

They are great but they are a million miles away from the fun and frivolities of any sporting event. The release of the yearly sporting calendar is always a cause for getting the diaries out and planning when we can have the best excuse for a party.

There are three events every year which just shout that we have to get together.

The first in the year and probably the biggest for us is the Grand National. It is the pinnacle of the horse racing year. Too many horses stand a chance to win and too many times has a horse from 100-1 managed to beat not just the odds, but the other twenty horses.

There is almost no way to properly and confidently predict which horse will win the race. The favourite loses more than it ever wins and the bookies take a hit every year. Just look at the odds that WilliamHill are offering and you will immediately see that there is no such thing as a certainty.

If the people who make a living out of knowing the results have no real idea, then anything you back is just as likely to win as the favourite.

Once the horse racing is out of the way, our attention turns straight onto the football and the world’s oldest knock-out competition. The FA Cup is right around the corner and less than a month later. The best thing is that there is a long enough gap between the two, that another party is not out of the question.

Come the 19th May, we are ready to scream for whichever team we dis-like the least and hope that our rivals don’t win. It never matters if our team aren’t in the final, mainly because they never make it, but also it’s just a great celebration and a pretty good excuse for a party.

Possibly our favourite sporting event of the year is right in the heart of the English summer. It’s a full day’s sporting action, day after day for a full three weeks. You can tune in just before lunch, put the barbecue on, enjoy a relaxing afternoon meal and then spend hours enjoying the spectacle of world class sport.

The Tour de France might have started as a publicity campaign for the country and a newspaper, but it has firmly become part of our yearly calendar. There is nothing like watching and appreciating the hours of blood, sweat and tears of the professional cyclists racing hundreds and thousands of miles, in three weeks of intense competition.

If you are after an excuse for a party, then you have three of the best excuses available. Just choose your favourite sport and make sure that you get the rest of the family around to join in.