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The Dreaded Vegan Questions

I’ve been a vegan for over a decade now and it’s amazing the reaction people have when you talk to them about it. There’s clearly been a trend for people joining the ‘club’ and I’m never sure if this is a good thing or not.

Master the Age-Old Art of Barbecuing with these 6 Tips

The art of barbecuing has been around for many, many years. In fact, the earliest humans consumed food that was cooked over a fire, as this was the only way of cooking, not to mention the easiest. As cooking techniques evolved, the methods differed and diversified, and finally resulted in the many cooking implements that we have today.

Are Machines Taking The Jobs Of Sushi Artisans Or Helping Them Flourish?

Artificial intelligence (AI) has come a long way since rolling out on our computers in the form of video games. From making Amazon deliveries to self-driving autonomous vehicles, AI is certainly poised to take away most of our jobs. The logistics industry will probably be one of the first industries to face a systematic wipeout of jobs, and freight trucks have already started becoming driverless. The world of food is heavily correlated with the logistics industry – after all you

Healthy Foods You Need After Your Workout

When you get a great workout in, your body’s energy stores are depleted. It’s normal to feel tired and drained after you give it 100 percent. You might think that it’s best not to eat after a workout, but fitness experts say that your body actually wants food after a workout so that it can replenish its muscles, bones and ligaments. Here are five healthy foods that you need after a great training session:

How to be an even better cook (some crucial tips) 

Once you have got over the trials and tribulation of starting out with cooking, it is time to think about upping your game a little. The following tips should help you become an even more confident chef, and allow you to broaden your cooking horizons a little. They involve preparation, and some cooking tips, so get ready to become a better cook all round.

Tips for easier healthier eating 

Eating healthy has never been as easy as some people may have you believe. It can be a real bind finding ingredients that are healthy in a supermarket for example. And cooking healthy food used to mean spending more time in the kitchen than you could afford to.