Come To Brazil!

“COME TO BRAZIL!!!” – if you’ve ever followed any band or superstar on social media, you’ll know that Brazilian fans are either super-dedicated, super-patriotic – or both. They write “COME TO BRAZIL!” under every social media post, because they’re so keen for their favourite famous people to hop over on a plane to see them. However, why wouldn’t they want their idols to come and visit, when their country is so amazing? Here are a few reasons we think EVERYONE should go, not just the rich and famous.13124790773_b8251380f0_z

The Atmosphere Is Electric

If the fans of music are anything to go by, Brazilian people are enthusiastic, excitable and altogether friendly and welcoming to just about everyone. There’s almost an unrivalled vibrancy to everything they do! They are passionate people, so whether they’re begging the latest rock or pop group to play a concert, or the biggest movie stars to shoot scenes in their nation, they’re fun to be around. Want to join in? No problem. Head down to a concert whilst you’re there (you might want ear plugs for the screams…) or get involved in some other way.

Brazil is also set to host the Olympic Games this year, which will make the nation come even more alive! If you’re going to visit around then, make sure you really get involved to feel the full effects. Sport is something which majorly impacts local life, with football playing a massive part of the Brazilian local culture as well. They hosted the World Cup in 2014, but couldn’t quite win the competition. So, the next time it happens, the festivities will bound to be celebrated even though it’s over in Russia for 2018. If you’re planning a summer visit to Brazil, that might be a great idea to coincide. You can even place a bet for the World Cup 2018 (Brazil are around 8/1 in the odds as of May 2016) to really get stuck into the vibe. That means you should be prepared to celebrate with the locals if the national team wins!!

The Food Is Delicious

​Brazilian food is absolutely divine, as anyone who’s ever tried it even outside of Brazil will tell you. However, imagine the authenticity of the food which is prepared within the nation itself?! Brazil’s prized preparation is that of its barbecued meats. Whilst the Argentinians often compete to be top of the game in the meat stakes (ha!), the Brazilians often take the crown. Of course, there’s something for everyone. Here are ten dishes you absolutely must try in Brazil – don’t even think of heading over on a diet!

The Culture Is Fascinating

​Rio De Janeiro alone has enough to talk about to last a lifetime. From the shanty towns or ‘favelas’, through to the Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, it’s a vastly varied city. It is the sixth largest in the Americas, so there’s plenty to do! You can see the Christ The Redeemer statue, or visit the Carnival. This is the most flamboyant and raucous of its kind, complete with parades, costumes and samba.


Outside of Rio, there’s a whole other story to be told. Without even scratching the surface of this wonderful country, there’s the Amazon rainforest, Iguazu Falls and other cities include Brasilia, Fortaleza, Salvador and Sao Paolo.

No matter what you’re looking for, there is something for everyone in Brazil. It is rich in culture, religion, history and great people. Simply brush up on your Portuguese, keep your wits about you, and off you go!