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Finding The Right Tyre

I had one of those drives the other morning. Nothing quite went right. It was like the day was doomed before I had even left the drive. By the end of the day, I had given up trying to get to work and was searching TyrePlus for new tyres.

You know those days which never get off to the best of starts; they are the one when you walk out of the front door and can immediately see a thick layer of ice. It was not just a covering, but it was that thick kind of ice which you know will not be a quick scrapping.

Ten minutes later and I can just about get into my car, the heater has not even got to lukewarm yet and the car is still freezing. The cold really does not help my mood as I realise that I am now going to be later for work.

I set off, knowing that I need to moving as soon as I possibly can. The road is a little busier than normal, but that’s purely because I have set off on the hour. I normally leave at 6:50 and the roads are empty. Today, I’m stuck in the crowd of people who leave at 7:00. It’s only ten minutes, but it is the knock-on effect of all the extra traffic.

Late I can handle, I’ll make it up over lunch and no-one will say anything. What I can’t handle is the foot-deep pothole in the road.

I was driving around a corner, cars on both sides of the road and then suddenly, right in line with my nearside wheel, is this meter-long crevasse in the road. I can’t avoid it and my tyre descends into the void before coming to a sudden stop on the front wall of the hole.

The noise in the car was huge and instantly told me that there was going to be serious damage to the tyre. I couldn’t believe it, why today?

I pulled over and could immediately hear the air coming out of a tear in the sidewall. My day was well and truly ruined. It took fifteen minutes to faff about and change the tyre, put the damaged on into the boot and then make sure I hadn’t left anything behind.

As I was only fifteen minutes from home, I sulked all the way home and decided to have a sick day instead of going in. I had had enough of the day and the sun wasn’t even up yet.

It was when I got home that I saw the range of tyres available to me. Each tyre had three different ratings, noise, economy and stopping ability. Now I do nearly a hundred miles a day, so I looked straight to the economy options. The more miles I can get on MPG, the less I’m paying for petrol.

I had no idea how many options there were, but finally I can choose the tyre which is right for the sort of journey’s I’m always doing.