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Food tips that will make you a better cook 

We all want to eat well, and cooking well is a big part of that. With the rise of cooking and baking being so ferocious in recent years, it is understandable that we all want to get better in the kitchen.

The following tips should be enough to get you on the road to becoming a much better chef than you were before. And if you’re just starting out, using these tips will give you an edge over the competition, even if that competition is just your friends.

Stock and how to do it right

When you are making stock, don’t do it in a wasteful way. There is one particular technique that you can utilise to make it an exercise in clean efficiency that will actually stand you in good stead in the weeks to come.

Make stock in a large quantity and then freeze it in bags. Then you can store it in the freezer for as long as you need to. This makes perfect sense, efficiency wise. The next time you want to make a nice homemade soup for example, just pull the frozen stock out of the freezer and you are then ready to go. It saves a ton of time, and it also means that you can have great tasting stock to hand in seconds.

Pasta rule number one

Pasta is a mainstay of many diets around the world but one thing people just don’t seem to realise is that you can make it taste even better by breaking the rules a little bit. We’ve got our own rule here, and we reckon you should always cook pasta for one minute less than the packet advises you to. Then, you simply cook it with the sauce the rest of the time. This makes for better pasta, and a better meal all round.

Herbs and how to manage them

Ever chopped herbs? It’s a nightmare on that chopping board, with all that herb stuff flying around all over the place. Here is a way to avoid this catastrophe though, and that is to throw a  little salt onto the chopping board (obviously not too much). This stops herbs from flying around and it means you have a cleaner and less wasteful workspace.

The butter and egg thing

Butter and eggs are  a main part of our diet, and they play a central role in many recipes. But we often don’t have them at their best when it’s time to cook. For best results with these two staple ingredients, always store them at room temperature overnight. This way you are guaranteed a great taste in the end result. Try it, it really works.

These tips should allow you to be an even better cook than you were before. Preparation is key though, so ensure that you are always ready with your ingredients (and the tips above) before you fire up that oven.

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