How to save money on back-to-school stuff 

Your little darlings have had an excellent summer, but now it is time to get them back to school. But even if you have one child and not five, you are still looking at a major expense if you are not careful. This article aims to give you some practical tips that will help you save some money when it is time to buy stuff for school.

Plan ahead is the first piece of advice we can offer you. By planning ahead and knowing what your children will need throughout the school year, you are effectively preparing yourself for expenditure. This is a good thing, and it means that your budget will not be adversely affected if you know what is coming up.

Look at the school uniform list first of all to ensure that you know what is essential and what is negotiable. Then plan your annual budget so you can be certain that it is covered comfortably. Planning will make all the difference because you will be ready when that big bill comes in.

Buy in bulk

Our next piece of advice concerns buying in bulk. Again this is best dealt with regarding the essentials aspect of the uniform list, but it should be stressed here that the number of large supermarkets that sell basic school items is growing.

You can now easily walk into a supermarket and pick out a number of the same item and save money because you are buying in bulk in one place, rather than in a smaller store that will charge higher prices. It is an easy way to save a lot of money, especially on school socks, for example. Some parents don’t do this, and end up spending a lot more than they have to.

One of the biggest oversights that parents have is to miss the warranty that comes with some items. Wear and tear happens throughout the school year and most shops don’t cover it, but if something breaks on an item and it is reasonable to assume that it shouldn’t, like a zipper, then simply take the item back to the retailer because the warranty should cover that part of the product.

Too many parents simply give up and buy a new item because they forget that school items often have some kind of warranty attached to them.

Bear in mind that if you shop around there are usually discounts to be had and one supermarket may not offer the same level of discount on one item that another does. So shopping around does have it’s place. Keep an eye on the media, because TV and radio ads often mention last-minute sales on back-to school stuff.

There are plenty of ways to save on this expensive outlay. This article outlines just a few, but putting the above ideas into practise should allow you to save money every year on that back-to-school stuff that your children need. Don’t let it be a financial headache.

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