Internet service providers for when you travel

Having access to the internet with at least reasonable download speeds has become a necessity and not a luxury any more. We all require regular access to the internet whether that be for our jobs or staying in touch with friends and family. However, using the internet can become really difficult when you are away from home and especially if you are out of the country but still need to use this. This article will help you to stay in touch with the internet when you travel.

Using the internet through your mobile phone

Let’s start by thinking about using your mobile to access the internet. You need to check with your mobile phone provider to see what is included in your package, but many contracts now include a certain amount of daily usage abroad. This could either be included simply as it is when you are at home, or sometimes there may be a daily late rate that will enable you to use data. Speak to your mobile phone provider before you use this idea as a solution, however, or you may end up paying hefty charges. If you can do this and have a reasonably new smartphone then this could provide you with the solution that you are looking for. You could simply use the web browser and email functionality of your phone.

For an improved experience you could tether your phone and access the internet on your laptop. If you have not tethered before, you must try it! Basically it works by using your mobile phones internet connection as a modem for your other devices, such as a laptop. You may need to follow the instructions that came with your phone to set it up, but all you will need to do is with on the tethering option on your phone, set up a password and then find your phones internet connection on the list of Wifi providers in your area on your computer and connect to it as usual! This can also work with tablets so that you only need to be using one device using it data allowance when you are abroad.

Using a mobile internet dongle

A few years ago, these were very much all the rage. They were an excellent solution that you could simply plug in to your computers USB port and have a wireless internet connection. However, they have become less popular. This is due to the tethering functionality on phones as well as the increase in Wifi hotspots. However, if you travel abroad regularly they could make a lot of sense. All the large mobile phone providers offer packages, some of which include a data allowance that you are able to use abroad. Again, be absolutely clear on what the charges are for using it abroad before you enter into any contract agreement with the company. Some will include the data usage abroad in the regular monthly price, some data may be included inside the European Union and anything used outside will incur further charges, and some will enable you to add on extra data that you can specifically use abroad for a flat fee. You will need to make sure that you shop around to get the very best deal on offer.

Using Wifi

Another alternative to the solutions discussed above is to simply not sign up for any additional data services but instead to use local Wifi hotspots. Depending on where you are staying while you are travelling more and more hotels and hostels allow you to use free Wifi. This is a real bonus and is usually easy to set up and is a lot faster than the solutions we have already discussed above. Also, many public buildings, cafes and restaurants now offer free wifi for their guests. You can rely on using wifi at many well known chains. Wherever you are in the world, you will not be very far away from a reliable wifi connection.

Using the internet while you are travelling can be slightly worrying. Hopefully, with several solutions on offer you will have the connectivity that you need.

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