Master the Age-Old Art of Barbecuing with these 6 Tips

The art of barbecuing has been around for many, many years. In fact, the earliest humans consumed food that was cooked over a fire, as this was the only way of cooking, not to mention the easiest. As cooking techniques evolved, the methods differed and diversified, and finally resulted in the many cooking implements that we have today.

The Traditional Barbecue: A Culinary Art

Progress has actually made a huge change in the way people perceive the traditional barbecue. It is no longer just about cooked meat and a smoky flavour. Barbecuing is an art form now, and to cook the perfect steak and barbecued meat, you have to be quite the artist.

6 Tips on How to Barbecue Lamb and Beef to Perfection

Fortunately, you can learn how to barbecue lamb and beef, the most popular barbecue items, to perfection. Simply follow the instructions given below and you will be a master of the grill in no time!

  • Oil the meat instead of the grill

Rub olive oil or any other cooking base on to the meat as a marinade. Let any excess oil drip down or tap the meat dry with a towel before you put it on the grill.

  • Heat the grill up before putting on the meat

Make sure the grill is piping hot before you put the meat on. This enables the cooking process to run as is ideal; with the crisp coating on the outside of the meat and a soft, tender centre.

  • Turn as few times as possible

Turning it often results in the meat being well done, which is not the ideal temperature for a good cut of steak. The ideal turning rate should be once only, and should be done as soon as moisture starts to become visible on the side of the steak which is not in contact with the grill.

  • Test the temperature with a thermometer or tongs before resting

Before you take the meat off the grill, press down on it with a spoon or tongs. The meat should be somewhat soft when it is rare to medium, and harder and less supple when the doneness progresses.

  • Let the steak rest for several minutes before plating it

Before serving the steak, let it rest and absorb some of the lost moisture back into the tissue. This will result in the steak not only being very well flavoured, inside and out, but the perfect doneness level as well. You can also brush the meat with some butter here, for an extra-velvety finish.

  • Maintain ideal meat thickness when cooking lamb and beef

The perfect cut of beef should be at least 21 mm in thickness, with lamb preferably at 18 mm. This is ideal for barbecuing, and it is also the thickness which works very well with almost every sort of marinade or spice rub. The flavours penetrate more and the meat crusts very well in this way.


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