Knowing Your Body

I was out running the other day with a good friend of mine. She does not run very often and has just started to get into running. I had just completed a good long run the weekend before, so it was a gentle run out for both of us.

It gave us the time to chat and talk about life, liberty and our running. Continue reading

Practical Money Tips for Travelers

Travelling abroad is definitely something to look forward to. But for those who are travelling internationally for the first time, budget planning and deciding how to spend in another country can be a bit of a challenge. Here are some great practical money tips for ensuring that you have enough money with you anytime, wherever you may be on the globe. Continue reading

A Brief Comparison of CT Scans and MRI Scans

Patients often find it confusing to differentiate between a CT scan and an MRI scan. To them, they may seem similar and whether you need one or the other doesn’t matter. It is important however to identify key differences of each procedure so that next time you are required to undergo a scan you’ll know exactly what to expect. Here is a comparison of common patient concerns regarding undergoing a CT scan or MRI scan. Continue reading

We Know How To Teach

I have been in the teaching game for over ten years. I have taught in four different schools and all of them had their challenges. The pupils were from a wide variety of social back grounds and ability levels. I know the behaviour issues and I deal with them on a daily basis. What I’m trying to say is that I know my job.

Then it comes to parent’s evening and suddenly I feel like I’m under fire. This will sound weird but I was accused of not bothering to teach this parent’s child. They were moaning at me for not doing my job. I was being told off, because this parent, who has never been in my classroom or seen my teaching, knew that I was not putting the effort in and was not bothering to teach their child. Continue reading

Why You Do Not Want A Gambler To Give You Investment Tips

While gamblers are no doubt geniuses when it comes to making split-second decisions which can result in a million dollar payday they might not be the best people to look at for long-term investment strategies. This does not imply that gamblers are not good investors. No, far from it. The gambler knows which strategy to use which investment. Professional gamblers invest in casino games daily from best online casino sites and earn enough money to take care of their responsibilities and even be irresponsible with. Continue reading

Singapore is the Perfect Holiday Destination for Everyone

For avid travellers, Singapore has been on the bucket list for some time. However, it has recently made it on to the list of the most popular holiday destinations, and it is not difficult to see why. The metropolitan city is littered with green space, looks after visitors, and has a great reputation for its food. Singapore is known for its melting pot of cultures, those who have resided in Singapore to escape conditions in their native countries or have moved to Singapore for business have brought with them a rich cultural heritage which has resulted in a diverse and exciting cultural scene for Singapore. Continue reading

The Biggest Sports Events Of Our Year

There are some great moments which bring the family together every year. Christmas, birthdays and even graduations all manage to draw the whole family into one location and let us have an excuse for a party.

They are great but they are a million miles away from the fun and frivolities of any sporting event. The release of the yearly sporting calendar is always a cause for getting the diaries out and planning when we can have the best excuse for a party. Continue reading

Weight loss bootcamps: what to know before you go

If your weight loss efforts have recently hit a plateau, don’t be too concerned; it’s an experience that many of us can inadvertently run into. Perhaps some stressful experiences at home or work have led you to comfort eat, or you are already fit, but your motivation has plummeted.

You might deem a weight loss boot camp just the solution; even just the phrase “boot camp” implies military-style hard work and no slacking. However, consider the following before you enrol… Continue reading