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Start a Conversion: Knowing Who to Contact About Important Health Concerns

We are faced with numerous concerns during our everyday lives. What to have for dinner, how to deal with traffic on the motorway and contemplating a much-needed holiday are a handful of examples. It is therefore ironic that we often take our health for granted until things start going wrong. Of course, we cannot avoid the occasional illness and if we are victims of an accident, we could very well require emergency treatment or even a lengthy period of hospitalisation. What are we to do if things do not go as planned? This is a very real concern, for countless individuals from all walks of life will fall victim to medical negligence every year.

What is Medical Negligence?

To begin with, it is important to understand what normally comprises a medical negligence claim. Negligence can arise from several situations. A handful of the most common include:

  • A delayed referral to a qualified specialist.
  • An accident or an error during the course of treatment.
  • The prescription of the wrong medication.
  • A health care professional does not clearly explain the risks associated with a procedure.

Above all, medical negligence represents what is known as a breach of duty of care. This essentially signifies that you have physically, emotionally or mentally suffered as a result of the decisions made by medical professionals. So, what happens if things do not go as planned and you feel that you may have been a victim of these circumstances?

Expert Advice from the Very Start

You should never take your health concerns lightly. Even if you have been told otherwise, it is critical to obtain qualified advice as soon as possible. This is important, for any delays could cause your case to lose its momentum. The main question is what steps you should take in order to bring your worries to light.

It could first be wise to bring up an issues with the attending physician or doctor who is directly involved in the procedure itself. Assuming that this action does not result in any progress, you should take the next step and contact a qualified firm which specialises in medical negligence claims. This can be quite a confusing situation and it is likely that you will be asked to provide the professional with all relevant details so that he or she can determine whether or not a case exists.

During such circumstances, Slater and Gordon Lawyers are here to help. If you suspect that you may have been a victim of medical negligence, please do not hesitate to speak with us as soon as possible. After all, there is no substitute for your health and peace of mind.

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