The biggest party buses around

Party bus rental is an ever growing industry with customers demanding bigger buses all of the time. They are the new in thing to be seen in and with prices being more affordable than ever a party bus rental is no longer a thing seen amongst the celebrity lifestyle and the influential rich and famous. It is a thing that is obtainable to everyone these days but just how big do party buses get? Absolutely massive is the answer! Here we have 2 of the biggest and modified party buses available.

Ford F-750


Produced by Ford since 2000, the Ford F-750 has become notorious for being the ideal workhorse for its reliability, size and choice in engine size. With the Ford Modular V10 engine packing out a huge 362hp, this bad boy was able to pull and manage whatever life threw at it without grumbling. However, when the demand for high powered party buses increased, the Ford F-750 received a make-over and became what is now the biggest party bus available. Offering a rather large capacity of 50 passengers, the Ford F-750 became the ideal choice for customers who wanted to transport large numbers of people around together. Kitted out with some of the best technology available, including a state of the art sound system, laser lights and TV’s, this super large party bus is not only huge but is also exceptionally cool to be seen in. A far cry from its humble beginnings as the truck of choice for those needing a reliable and hard-working workhorse vehicle.

Hummer Transformer


The Hummer has become a household name throughout the whole of the US for its sheer size, choice of models and availability. Starting out as a military vehicle while being produced by the AM General Corporation, the Hummer was then called the Humvee and was the vehicle of choice for the US Army. By 1998, the Humvee became the Hummer and so the story as we know it continued with the final Hummer being produced in May 2010. The Hummer Transformer steps completely away from the original Hummer, standing (literally) head and shoulders above its little brother. Carrying up to 30 passengers, the Transformer model is an ideal party bus rental

choice for weddings, proms and a night out to remember. Fully kitted out with an outside canopy, state of the art sound system, comfortable seating and lighting, this model is far cry from its working roots when it was used to transport soldiers around the deserts.

Affordable party bus rental has never been so available or easy and it just goes to show from these two super-sized party buses that even the mighty grew from little acorns.