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Weight loss bootcamps: what to know before you go

If your weight loss efforts have recently hit a plateau, don’t be too concerned; it’s an experience that many of us can inadvertently run into. Perhaps some stressful experiences at home or work have led you to comfort eat, or you are already fit, but your motivation has plummeted.

You might deem a weight loss boot camp just the solution; even just the phrase “boot camp” implies military-style hard work and no slacking. However, consider the following before you enrol…

What do different bootcamps offer?

There are many different boot camps from which you can choose, and what they all have in common is an aim to make you work your body more vigorously through both strength and cardio exercises.

Nonetheless, how exactly a boot camp reaches that end will depend on the specific one you choose. Hence, you should research a wide range of boot camps to discern what each of them involves – which could be high-intensity intervals or alternating challenges, SELF suggests.

You don’t need special gear just for bootcamp

Whatever you usually wear during a session at your local gym, you can typically expect to be able to wear on an indoor boot camp, too. Boot camps don’t tend to impose specific requirements in their participants’ workout attire; for example, women could opt for a sports bra, tank top and leggings.

However, if the boot camp will be in an exotic outdoor setting like Spain or Portugal, you should dress accordingly. Don’t expect that it will be just the exercises that get you sweating…

You don’t need to pay attention to everyone else exercising

You could understandably feel depressed and daunted if you see other people lifting hefty dumbbells or sprinting in a way that, right now, you could barely imagine doing yourself. However, you would not be expected to perform like this yourself – at least not early in your time at camp.

Some of the other participants might have much more workout experience than you. Carefully consider your own needs and level – and rest assured that your tutor will, too.

You can still occasionally let your hair down

Participating in a boot camp doesn’t strictly entail always spending time in grey, dingy rooms while a sullen-faced instructor barks one order after another like a military officer.

Even if you want the boot camp to last as long as a week, you could join what is called a luxury boot camp, which combines elements of both exercising and holidaying. Such camps can feature accommodation and swimming pools with which you can relax, says Metro.

A bootcamp can leave you feeling amazingly triumphant

Your early experiences of boot camp could feel painful if your body isn’t accustomed to such rigorous workouts. You might sometimes wake up in mornings feeling sore and unenthusiastic about getting back into gear. However, you should resist such disinclination.

Through regularly drinking enough water and eating sufficient food, you can help yourself get through a weight loss boot camp to impressive effect.

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