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10 Tips for Renovating a Property

Renovating a property is a rewarding and satisfying exercise, but it is one that can be fraught with problems and pitfalls if it is not approached the right way. You don’t have to be an expert to carry out most of the jobs that are involved in renovation – although we recommend you use the professionals for structural work – so here is our list of tips for renovating a property:

1: Read up – if you are competent in DIY but have never done what you are about to attempt, settle back and read all you can on the subject – you’ll find it helps!

2: Use videos – there is a video for absolutely everything concerned with DIY and renovation on YouTube right now, so make use of that information. Always check more than one, as you will find different approaches that may help.

3: Ask friends – you have friends who have renovated property? Ask them for help, you’ll find they can offer you advice that comes from experience, not from a book! They may even be around to help, as another pair of hands is always useful.

4: Check your toolkit – you think you have all the tools you need? We doubt it, and even those you have may not be up to the job! No matter the scale of your renovation project, you need to have the best tools for the job available, so make sure you check your kit and have everything you need ready.

5: Buy a nail gun – seriously, if you don’t already have one of these, you need one! They cut down on time and effort, and also provide a more secure finish, and they are surprisingly affordable and portable too.

6: Buy a paint sprayer – as above, with one of these you won’t need to use the old, messy brushes, rollers and trays and, in addition, you get a far better finish and at a sensible price. Here’s a link to the best reviews of paint sprayers on the internet, and remember, this is a tool that you will use indoors and out, over and over again, for all your painting jobs.

7: Power tools – following on from the above, invest in the best power tools you can afford; nobody uses a manual screwdriver – a powered version is far more versatile and easier to use – and you will need a drill, so look for well-priced known-brand models.

8: Take time – never rush a renovation job; you will only be disappointed with the results.

9: Plan ahead – it can be daunting looking ahead to the jobs at hand, so plan carefully what you are going to do, one area at a time. This way, you have the satisfaction of completing one job before moving on.

10: Enjoy – finally, while renovating a home may be hard work at times – and problems will arise – the ultimate aim is to enjoy not only the results, but the process of getting there, so work at your own pace, and enjoy it!