4 great new (ish) must-see sights for travellers in 2015

As a traveller, it is easy to become jaded. There is so much that has already been seen on the planet and it can feel a little like you have ‘seen it all’. Fret not, because we have pulled together a list of 4 great destination that are still very much hot in 2015.

Check these out, and if you haven’t seen them yet, now is the time to get on the case. They are all exciting, and perhaps even a little bit inspiring too.


Winnipeg is one of the most underrated travel destination in the world, with plenty to see and do in it’s favour. However, the place has one particular gem that has escaped many travelers for a little while, and it definitely worth checking out. The Canadian Museum for Human Rights is a gloriously impressive building to look at, and it ends up in a  fantastic, gorgeous gleaming spire at the top. Inside you’ll find a moving and comprehensive look at human rights in history, and the outside visuals will leave you breathless. Well worth a visit.

Bombay Sapphire Distillery

Bombay Sapphire is one of the most respected gin brands around, and the distillery in Laverstoke in England is one of the most striking buildings we have seen. Bombay Sapphire only launched in 1987 so it’s not an ancient distillery, and you have a building here that seems to sprout glass at every juncture. It’s a beautiful building, in lovely surroundings.

Markthal, Rotterdam

If you’re headed anywhere near The Netherlands this could be the perfect opportunity to visit the Markthal. This amazing looking building looks like a gigantic horseshoe, and houses an incredible 228 apartments, as well as a beautiful and vibrant covered market. This really has to be seen to be believed.

The food market is perhaps one of the best aspects of the area, but there is also an impressive mural inside too. An undiscovered gem and something that is perhaps best kept quiet until you have seen it, this is a true wonder of the Netherlands.

Harvard Museum extension

If you can get out to Cambridge, MA you should check out the Harvard Museum Extension. As an amazing piece of architectural wonder, it is truly breathtaking, and certainly something you should drop in and see.

Many people are still unaware of the sheer splendour of this glass atrium, which is a staggering five storeys high. The real beauty here is not just the fact that the extension houses major works by artists as accomplished as Rodin but that the extension is almost a work of art in itself. Well worth a visit if you are going to the US any time soon.

Grab your backpack and head out to any of these 4 amazing sights and enjoy some of the best (undiscovered) gems and attractions in the world in 2015. They are all exciting, and great to look at, and will give you something to talk about when you return home.

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