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5 top health tips to change your health and fitness levels today 

We all know how easy it is to fall into some bad habits when it comes to our health. it becomes just too tempting to reach for that sugary snack, when our body tells us that we should be looking for something a little more wholesome and nutritious.

The tips outlined in this article should help you to get back on track if your health has slipped  a little, and also give you some motivation to start that new regime you’ve been putting off.

Avoid the sugar trap. We’ve all been there, and mostly it’s late at night when we think nobody’s looking. We see a sugary snack and our mind tells us it’s no big deal. A little bit of sugar won’t ruin things for us. But the opposite is true.

Avoid sugar as much as possible and you will have a healthier life. It’s that simple. Leave fruit lying around as much as you can, and make sure it is fruit that you like, and you should be able to stave off that sugar craving  a little longer.

When running, always have your favorite music on your MP3 player. This is an essential tip because good, engaging music that makes us happy is more likely to make us more motivated to run for longer. For some, this will mean pumping house music.

For others, it will mean classical. Whatever makes you happy and most focused during running is what should be on your player, not what everyone else tells you to play.

Always try and halve your portions if you can. It is absolutely true that we often have bigger portions than we need, especially at dinner. Try and halve your potions as much as you can. If you are hungry afterwards, wait an hour.

But the more you eat less, the better you will feel, and sometimes you won’t even notice the difference, We are programmed to overeat essentially, and that is a habit we can break.

If you like the odd alcoholic drink, drink water between each serving. There are many calories in alcohol and you can avoid drinking too many calories by drinking water in between. But here’s a tip. Try flavoured water, or water that is carbonated. It will all help you to stop imbibing more calories than you should.

Our final piece of advice concerns water itself. The more you drink the healthier you will be. It’s as simple as that. Take the time to drink plenty of water as much as you can and you will be a healthier person. Stick to two litres a day, and always ‘feel hydrated’.

The moment you don’t feel hydrated is when you are in need of water. It will cool you down and help you to avoid overeating too.

These five tips are easy to manage and the advice is simple to implement in any lifestyle. We recommend focusing on one aspect a week unit you’ve nailed it. And then you can look forward to a healthier you.

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