How to Have the Best Summer BBQ

It’s springtime – at last – and soon the sun will shine and summer will be here! Well, that’s what we hope for, but in the UK we have to make the very best of our rare hot days, and who doesn’t love a barbeque? When the weather is fine, there is no doubt the UK is a beautiful place to be. The typical UK summer day is not too hot, not too cold, and just right to enjoy the weather to the full. Come the weekend, a few drinks in the local pub beer garden, followed by a barbeque in the garden is the way to go.

So how do you make your BBQ special? How do you turn it into the one that everyone remembers for years to come? Well, how about having a hot tub? This is a great way of turning a simple barbeque into something much more enjoyable, and your friends and family will have a ball! But, we hear you ask, how can you afford such an extravagance? Believe it or not, you can, because these days you can buy inflatable hot tubs, and they are becoming very popular indeed thanks to their convenience and affordability.

Buying a Hot Tub

What’s the deal with inflatable hot tubs? Quite simply, they are more convenient than your conventional hot tub, because they don’t need any special installation. All you need is a flat space, big enough for the tub you choose, and nearby mains and plumbing, and you are ready to go. Most come with built-in pumps for inflating and filling, and the best ones also have water jets and such, so you get a jacuzzi effect. You can also buy accessories such as floating trays for drinks and lighting, so you can make your barbeque even more fun with your hot tub as the main talking point!

We found a great selection of the best inflatable hot tub models at, a great website offering in-depth reviews of many different items. They give you information on the size – there are many to choose from so you need to make sure you get one to fit your available space – style and price, as well as other specifications which may appeal to you, such as spa features and lights. You will be pleasantly surprised by the prices, too, and we feel sure you’ll want one when you read about them!

Enjoying Your Hot Tub

Of course, your hot tub is not just for barbeques, and can be enjoyed by you and your family – and your friends, who will want to come back for more – any time. If you put it where there is cover above you could even use it in the winter – if you are the adventurous type! Quite simply, these are great items for use in a country where a permanent swimming pool is not an option, so why not check out the website now, and buy yourself a hot tub for all the family to enjoy.