Cape Town Adventures: Plenty to See and Do

Cape Town is arguably one of the most iconic cities in the world and there’s never a dull moment when you visit this amazing destination.

Here are some suggested things to see and do that should be on your itinerary if you have a sense of adventure, including a table-top challenge, a sightseeing tour for the brave, plus some great cultural suggestions to enjoy a more relaxing experience.

Exhilarating view

You can’t really visit Cape Town without taking in the spectacular views on offer when you make it to the top of Table Mountain.

Taking the cable car up to the summit is an excellent way to enjoy a leisurely view of the vista but if you are up for the challenge there is a much scarier way down.

Billed as the world’s highest commercial abseil you can make your way down the mountain using a more direct route if you are up for the idea of a heart-pumping challenge where you can take in an awesome view of the City Bowl if you can focus your attention.

Create your own gastronomic tour

If you have taken the Table Mountain challenge you probably deserve a decent meal and that’s not really a problem in Cape Town.

The main gastronomic hotspots are found in the central city and foodies from around the globe tend to flock to this area and pick out some of their favorite restaurants where they can enjoy food like Springbok medallions and other local delights.

If you have a good nose for fine dining it shouldn’t take you too long to sniff out a place that is going to give you a great culinary experience.

Nerves of steel

If you have calmed yourself down with a relaxing meal and returned to accommodation like Protea Hotels by Marriott for the evening, it will be time to find a way to raise the stakes for your next adventure.

The bar will be set pretty high on the risk-taking front if you decide to take up the challenge of shark-infested waters, but that’s what you can do here and it’s a big tourist draw so you shouldn’t have any problem finding someone to take you.

It’s estimated that about a quarter of the world’s shark population call these South African waters home so you won’t be short of an opportunity to get up close but not too personal with these magnificent creatures.

If you decide to take a dive tour you will probably end up heading to Gansbaai, which is widely considered to be the shark capital of the world, or you could always visit the local aquarium to see them in safer conditions.

A musical heritage

As a way of chilling out after testing your sense of adventure, you might also want to arrange an evening where you take in the vibrant Cape Town jazz scene.

The city has a rich jazz heritage and you won’t have to try too hard to find a place where the music is playing and everyone is having a great time, which is something that is not hard to do when you visit Cape Town.

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