Decorate Your Home With Artificial Topiary

Not all of us were born with a green thumb. If you’re like me, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t keep a plant alive. I overwater cacti. I underwater ferns. My trees shrivel and die. It seemed I was destined for a plant-less and plain existence in my home. All of that changed when I discovered artificial topiary. I’m here to tell you how you can enjoy a lush, plant filled interior, without the hard work and inevitable disappointment of live plants and trees.

Decorating With Artificial Topiary

Artificial topiary are available in many styles and shapes and adds beautiful detail to an otherwise drab space. These fake trees can make a charming addition to decks, enclosed porches, living rooms, dining rooms, and any other area where you think a little green will make all the difference. The predominant styles available are:

  • Cedar
  • Cypress
  • Boxwood
  • Holly
  • Tea Leaf
  • Podocarpus

When decorating with artificial topiary, you should be conscious of the area you will want to place it. Take measurements before determining the size of the topiary you will put there. Be sure to remember that the topiary will require a decorative urn or basket. This should also be included in determination of size as it will take up space and make the topiary somewhat taller. You will also want to choose a shape that best fills and compliments the area where the topiary will reside. There 5 common shapes available:

  • Tapered
  • Cone
  • Corkscrew
  • Single Ball
  • Double Ball

Some people want lights on their artificial topiary. You should determine if this is something you would appreciate and look for a pre-lit model, if available. In the event that a pre-lit model is not available in the shape or style of topiary that you want, strings of light can be added to an existing topiary fairly easily.

Caring For Your Artificial Topiary

The reason for choosing an artificial topiary is because they require much less care than a living plant or tree. These artificial decorative plants do not grow, so they don’t require additional pruning or watering. They also require no sunlight so you don’t have to worry about whether there is enough natural light in the room. One thing that does require attention is dust. Artificial plants and trees tend to collect and show dust fairly easily. You can combat this by dusting the topiary regularly with a feather or synthetic duster that is light and flexible enough to stick between tight branches. In the event of heavy dust, most topiaries can be taken outside and rinsed with a hose lightly, or wiped with mild soap and water.

Topiary Storage

In the event that you need to store your topiary to make room for seasonal decorations, or just to make an occasional change and keep the look of the room fresh, you should make sure your topiary is fully cleaned first. Place a plastic garbage bag over the tree and securely fasten the bottom with a tie to ensure no dust gets in. Make sure the bag is large enough to allow a loose fit over leaves and branches to avoid crushing the topiary. Store your topiary in a clean, temperature constant area. Avoid places that will experience extreme fluctuations of heat and cold, as this could put your topiary at risk of melting or becoming brittle. Make sure the topiary is stored upright as well.

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