Four tips that will help you to get even leaner 

So you’ve been working hard to get that lean body, and it’s starting to pay off. You feel leaner and you most definitely look leaner.

But the biggest challenge now is taking it to the next level, with not only maintaining that new look but also taking it further so it becomes even harder to bring fat back into your life (and your stomach). This article goes through four tips that will help you take your lean fight to the next, more permanent level.

Spinach is one of the best things you can eat

That’s right, if you eat more spinach you will naturally start to lose weight quicker, and in all the right places. Research has shown that spinach has stuff in it that can increase levels of protein that have been proven to break down glucose. This helps to keep fat at bay, and is therefore something you should be focusing on. Ask for some spinach when you go to eat out, or just include it a little more often in your food at home. You’ll be glad you did.

Use the visual aspect to curb fat

Looking at food images a lot actually stops you from wanting to eat so much. We’re not joking here. The more you look at photographs of food, the less likely you will want to gorge on the stuff.

A study from Brigham University in the US found that looking at more than 60 images of food a day helps to reduce the need to eat because your eyes convince your stomach that you are bored of food.

If you smoke, or know someone who does, get out

Smoking is one way to build up fat in your body. Even passive smoking has this effect, by altering your insulin regulation. This means that even if you are not  a smoker you can still find that fat builds up. Avoid areas that have smoke in them.

The workout, and how to work it out with words

A lot of us don’t use our workout time effectively. In fact, we actually sabotage our fat-busting attempts because we don’t manage the workout in the way it should be done.

Combat this by swearing (using bad words) when pain happens. Swearing (obviously within reason) helps the body to combat pain and lets you go a little further with your workout. It actually works too.

If you are playing a ball sport then make a little grunt every time you hit the ball. This is especially true with racquet sports, and it helps because it makes your body work harder, and also increases the speed at which the ball is hit by 5%.

So there are four tips that should help you shed even more weight but in a sensible and focused way. Try these tips out as soon as you can. Whether you’re swearing on a five mile run or eating spinach until you feel a little green, they’re all designed to help you become even more lean.

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