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Healthy Foods You Need After Your Workout

When you get a great workout in, your body’s energy stores are depleted. It’s normal to feel tired and drained after you give it 100 percent. You might think that it’s best not to eat after a workout, but fitness experts say that your body actually wants food after a workout so that it can replenish its muscles, bones and ligaments. Here are five healthy foods that you need after a great training session:


If you workout regularly, you probably know how good an orange tastes right after a workout, but you might not know why that’s the case. Oranges are full of Vitamin C. That makes them great for building the body back up after you train hard. Vitamin C gives your muscles the energy they need to grow after a workout. Vitamin C also boosts your immune system while your body is tired after exercise, so it can stop you from getting sick. Other foods rich in Vitamin C such as peppers and other citrus fruits can also do the trick.


When you workout, your muscles can become sore. If you eat fish after you exercise, the omega-3 fatty acids can reduce inflammation. The National Institutes of Health reports that eating fish after a workout can offer just as much relief as taking ibuprofen. This can help your muscles relax as you wait for your next workout.

Sugar stabilizers

It’s natural for your body’s sugar levels to be out of sorts after a workout. That’s why it’s important to eat foods that help your body regulate itself and balance its natural sugar levels. Whole grain foods including breads are a good way to balance sugar.

Some athletes prefer using the herbal tea Khubad Sai to balance their sugar after they exercise. It’s naturally sweet but it also works to regulate blood sugar. The tea is available from Siberian Health.


Not only are almonds easy to slip into a gym bag, but they’re also chock full of Vitamin E. This is an essential vitamin to eat after a workout because it helps the body clear out free radicals. Getting unwanted free radicals out of your system helps your body recover faster. You can also take Vitamin E as a supplement. Either way, this vitamin is essential to helping your body clean out unwanted junk so that you can feel great.


When you workout, you burn your carbohydrate reserves. After you’re done training, you need to put carbohydrates back in your body so that you have new energy to burn. Bananas are full of carbohydrates, so they’re a great choice. That’s why you see them at the end of so many road races and triathlon events. Bananas also give you a potassium bonus. Potassium is important for helping the body’s muscles renew their energy stores.

Eating for Performance
Your workout is only as effective as the foods you eat after you’re done exercising. Muscles grow after you train, so it’s important to eat the right foods. That way, your muscles have what they need and your body can recover. When muscles recover quickly, they grow stronger. Before you know it, you feel great and you’re ready for your next workout.

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