How to be an even better cook (some crucial tips) 

Once you have got over the trials and tribulation of starting out with cooking, it is time to think about upping your game a little. The following tips should help you become an even more confident chef, and allow you to broaden your cooking horizons a little. They involve preparation, and some cooking tips, so get ready to become a better cook all round.

One of the very best pieces of advice we can give anyone who cooks is to take your time. Anything that needs cooking on a  burner, for example, or hob of any kind, usually benefits from being cooked very slowly rather than in a rush.

This makes for  a better taste. It really does make a difference to your cooking if you have the heat on very low and cook your food slowly. You will notice an increase in the quality of the flavour of what you cook and if you have dinner guests, get ready for a flood of compliments.

Another quick tip that actually asks you to take your time a little bit is to read any recipe fully all the way through before you start cooking. Too many people quickly skim recipes and then get a little frustrated when they realise they missed a crucial stage out. Recipes have been written for a reason and they have to be followed to the letter.

You may have heard of celebrity chefs who spend their time breaking the rules in recipes often, but that’s not you. You are a  humble home cook. So follow recipes by studying them before you start to cook and you can’t really go wrong.

At the same time, and as you get better as a cook, you can consider another option and that is to substitute certain parts of the recipe ingredients for others. For example, if your recipe demands herbs, switch herbs around from time to time to see how it changes the taste. Often, it is for the better. We don’t recommend that you do this as  a beginner cook, but as you get more confident it is definitely worth considering.

Always use a cast iron pan if you can in the kitchen when cooking. This is the best pan to use simply because of the excellent cooking surface it offers. It makes for a completely even cooking surface that actually helps cooking to be more full and better overall.

It is also incredibly easy to clean compared to other pans, and for that reason alone it is a valuable ally in the kitchen.

Always use the very best olive oil, without any substitutes being allowed in your kitchen. Olive oil is one of the few ingredients where quality really matters, so we suggest investing in the best you can afford. You’ll notice the difference in the food.

Putting the above ideas into effect means that you are taking control of your cooking experience, and we recommend that you get going as soon as possible. Whether it’s saving time or just making better food, these tips will make you a better cook.

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