How Numbers Rule Our Lives

It’s amazing how much a number can control your life. Just a couple of digits and we’re at their very mercy.

If you’ve ever forgotten you bank card pin when you’re stood waiting to pay for something, then you’ll know the dreaded feeling these four simple numbers can suddenly impose upon you.

Then there comes the moment when you are filling out the online form, you click on the age box and the drop down offers up the worst list in the history of man. You scroll and scroll until five minutes later, and you have found the year you were born. 

Don’t even get me started about that number which comes up every time I step on the scales. Sometimes increases are great, but this one is never met with a cheer.

If numbers in our own personal lives weren’t bad enough, it seems that our work lives are now completely governed by numbers and specifically KPI’s.

Walking into a meeting and seeing your KPI’s up on the screen, with the world’s worst red highlighting all your issues. It makes life seem a little too harsh.

To be fair to the numbers, it’s not their fault, and I like to completely redress the balance and make numbers seem like a good thing in my life. It’s no the sole reason and to be fair, it’s not really a contributing reason at all for the reason that my Internet search history is filled with the words: best online casinos in United Kingdom,

You see, I like to play with some numbers. I like the uncertainty of gambling and the way that it is so diametrically opposed to my everyday life. Gambling is always a fight against the odds. It’s a battle to pull a win from the jaws of defeat and it’s all about taking a risk

When you see simple numbers flying around on the wheel of a Roulette table, and the ball lands on your favourite number. It’s at this point that you know that it’s not about odds, it’s not about the chances of winning, instead, it’s all about that hunch. The one that makes you hunt for the top casinos online to make the most out of your bet.

When you can start to play with the numbers and not be ruled by them, then you know that you are on holiday. When KPIs and YTD’s fall to the edge of your consciousness, then you know that you are having fun. It’s not about the stresses of the office, but about the chances of winning the office.

There are no patterns on a Roulette wheel. Each and every number is equally likely to be selected, we know this, we all know this. But we see patterns, we hunt for signs and we hot that we know better. It’s amazing how much hope we can place on a small white ball and a black and red coloured wheel.