The Biggest Fashion Icons In History

Fashion has always been there to influence the world since the beginning of time.  And, we know that if you continue to play those online casinos america games for real money, you will end up making your own fashion statements in no time.

But, for nowhere are some of the most influential fashion icons that come from way back in time. You will get to know the different dimensions that the industry had to go through before getting to where it is now.

Elizabeth I

This was one of the most influential people in British fashion during the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth I is well known for being very intricate about the type of clothes that she wore. This will be understandable considering that she was one of the most powerful females of her time.

Mostly the women of those days wore exotic gowns with s corsets and other details. The queen always made sure that whatever gown she wore would be paired up with the right pieces of jewels. Considering how rich the royal family is, they are pricey ones as well.

Charles II

After the death of the queen, King Charles II came in with his own unique sense of fashion in England. He got rid of the popular French way of dressing in courts to bring in his new reforms. This was also as a way to protest against French Domination back in the Day.

He is the first person to ever pair up the vest, a coat and breaches in his courts. This began the popular three-piece suit. The look has since been evolutionalized and turned into different modern looks depending on the times. Next time when you visit casinos to play the best casino games, think of wearing something like King Charles II to make a fashion statement.

Louis XIV

France was one of the most iconic countries when it came to fashion. Considering that the kings also led high lives, they had expensive and complex fashion ideas too. Now, France is still the biggest influencer of the fashion industry in the entire world.