Tips for easier healthier eating 

Eating healthy has never been as easy as some people may have you believe. It can be a real bind finding ingredients that are healthy in a supermarket for example. And cooking healthy food used to mean spending more time in the kitchen than you could afford to.

But things are slowly starting to change, and in this article we will highlight some tips for healthy eating that should make the whole process a lot easier, and save you some time.

When we were all told we had to eat five portions of fruit and veg each day, it seemed a little difficult to organise that intake. Organising a situation where we could easily have five pieces of fruit a day, for example, is not as easy as it first sounds.

But it doesn’t have to be overly difficult, and there are ways to streamline the process. For example, you could chop up a banana and have it over your breakfast. Bananas go well with basically any cereal, and including one as part of your breakfast saves a lot of time.

And whatever snacks you normally have in the morning, ditch them for a piece of fruit. This is one of the easiest pieces of advice to follow, especially if you take snacks to work, for example. Substitute your usual snack for a piece of fruit and you will automatically be eating healthier. Make this a habit and you should be fine.

Eat more fish

One key area in which many of us can improve is our fish intake. Eat plenty of fish every week. It is recommended that we eat two portions of fish every week. If we can integrate this into our lifestyle it will make us healthier. Take the time to find ways to include fish in your meals and you should be well on the way towards being a healthier person in no time.

Salt is a major problem in our diets, and it is pretty much everywhere. It doesn’t matter if we don’t season our food with it, it is still present in much of the food that we habitually eat.

There is salt in breakfast cereals for example, and pizza is one of the worst culprits (which is why many medical professionals advise that we eat slices of pizza rather than a whole one). Check your foods for salt content and start slow by cutting out regular snacks that contain too much salt. Over time, you will feel better for it.

Perhaps one of the best pieces of advice around food is to actually become active after eating. If your life involves eating a pizza and then slouching on the sofa, you are putting your body in trouble.

Avoid this and get active immediately after eating whenever it is practical. You can do this by taking the dog for a walk, or by popping out to see a friend. It doesn’t have to mean anything too strenuous, but the more active you are, the better.