Whale Watching In Sydney: 5 Tips to Make It the Greatest

Whale watching in Sydney is one such experience that no first-timer in Australia must miss out on. Boasting such a spectacular harbor, it would be unjust not to pay it the tribute it deserves. Flocks of tourists visit every year during the winter and spring to witness the Great Migration. Whether you book a ride or plan to see it from the coast, we guarantee you are going to have the time of your life.

But before you plan a trip, here are a few tips that will surely make the adventure even more thrilling.

  • Fight Off Sea Sickness Beforehand:

Even if you don’t get sick during journeys, it is best to take motion sickness medication a few hours before getting onboard so that you can enjoy the excursion without throwing up.

  • Have Your Pick:

You can either watch whales on the coast or book a cruise ride to witness the show up close. But since not many are a fan of boating and may feel sea sick, whale watching from the coast is also very popular in Sydney. Such people can visit locations like the National Park to witness the Great Migration.

  • Pack the Right Essentials

This includes wearing the right clothes, footwear and sun protective gear. One must never take any chances with inappropriate footwear or the wrong choice of clothing as whales aren’t the only sea creatures in the water. It is best to dress in a manner that prevents any injury if something goes wrong. Since you will be spending a good amount of hours under the sun, the importance of sun screen, sunglasses and a hat can’t be emphasised more. Here’s a checklist of all that you need:

  • Warm Clothes
  • Drinking water
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat
  • Sunscreen
  • Binoculars
  • Wet weather jacket
  • Camera
  • Chairs to sit on

When it comes to availing the best cruising deals when going whale watching in Sydney, here are a few tips:

  • Always book a ride in the afternoon as the chances of spotting whales are greater in the afternoon. This is the reason why rates are much cheaper in the morning.
  • Ride with an expert along. Having an expert to navigate, guide and list astonishing facts and figures about the area and the whales will only make the experience more thrilling and enjoyable. This is especially perfect when going on a trip with your kids.
  • Only pick tours that promise guaranteed sightings. It may take up to hours before one can spot a whale up close. But not all companies promise guaranteed sightings.
  • Choose the right time to make the trip. Despite contrary opinion, winters are not always the best time to go whale watching. If you really want an out of this world experience, go in the spring, it is the time when baby whales are born and one can spot the mother whale teaching its kids to flip, swim and roll.
  • Booking a cruise ride for only an hour is not enough. You may not even get a chance to spot a single whale, let alone multiple ones. Book the ride on the water for at least 3 to 4 hours so that you get to enjoy a beautiful show.
  • Your Patience Will Be Tested

If this is your first-ever whale watching trip, the one thing you can’t forget to take along is your patience. It really depends on your luck whether you will spot a whale right away or wait hours before you get a good shot. Your impatience won’t make them jump out of the water, so keep your cool and enjoy the ride.

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