Why you should spend time buying the right desk chair

Most employees spend 8 hours a day, 5 days a week in their place of work. Some spend even more time than this at work. During an adult’s working life (18-67) this can equate to up to 21% of your time. Most people spend around the same amount of time sleeping – imagine spending every night for 49 years sleeping in a lumpy, uncomfortable, unsupportive bed…not good.

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On this basis, it pays to give similar credence to your desk chair criteria as you would to your mattress and bedding. These are the key things to look for when choosing your office furniture:

  • Lumbar support

Lumbar support helps to keep your lower back in the right position when you’re working. Good chairs will have adjustable lumbar support so that you can manoeuvre it to the best place for you.

  • Height and depth adjustable

Your office chair should at the very least be height adjustable so you can sit comfortably at your desk. Good office chairs will also allow you to adjust the seat depth which helps to keep you sitting at the back of the chair where the back support is the fullest.

  • Fabric

Leather chairs do offer a certain amount of style for the office, however, they offer very little breathability. Mesh chairs and woven fabrics offer both breathability and flexibility which allows you to sit deeper in them and find a more comfortable position.

  • Back rest

The back rest should be adjustable so that you can sit at your chair with adequate support. The latest guidance suggests that your back rest should not be fixed into place and should move with your movements, however, the function should be there when needed.

  • Arm rests

Arm rests can be useful for many people and some prefer not to have them at all. When buying your desk chair, check that the arm rests are adjustable and are easily removed. If you are an arm rest user, the fabric and cushioning should also be considered.

If you’re buying a chair for yourself, great! You can choose the chair that best suits your needs and requirements. If you’re buying chairs for an office with hot-desking staff, you’ll need to buy a model that includes the above features so that it can cater for everyone. Time spent at a desk could be up to 20% of your employee’s working lives, so help make it comfortable!

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